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  • What are the benefits of going solar?
    There are many benefits to going solar, includings cost savings, reduced carbon footprint, and more control over your home & energy. Many people buying vs renting a home to Grid Based Energy Vs Solar Energy. This is because, when the solar loan is payed off the homeowner gets to enjoy free energy.
  • Is solar expensive?
    Just like any major home commodity, the cost of solar systems is high. But when this cost is converted to a 25 year loan, the monthly payment is often less then what utility companies are charging.
  • Does solar affect my home price?
    It does! In fact, homes with solar sell 17% faster and for 4% more money on average than homes without. This is a very common questions from homeowners who are curious about solar
  • If somebody buys my home with solar, do I have to transfer my solar loan?
    There are 2 common options homeowners take in this scenario: The person buying the home can pay off the remainder of the solar loan, and transfer the balance to their new mortgage loan. The person buying the home can take ownership of the solar loan, (this option is beneficial when the solar loan has a lower interest rate than the mortgage)
  • Is there any warranties for solar?
    Not all solar companies offer a warranty. However, South Shore Solar has an array of warranties available to keep you and your home safe. This includes: Lifetime Workmanship Warranty 25 Year Equipment Warranty Production Guarantee (Sunnova)
  • Does solar damage your roof?
    Solar is actually a protectant for your roof. It has been found that a roof with solar panels has an extended lifetime compared to one without
  • How do I know if my home is good for solar?
    Using cutting edge 3D modelling technology, South Shore Solar is able to give you a precise simulation of your home. Using this information, we are able to establish how much sun your home receives. Fill out our form to get a free assessment today!
  • Do solar panels need to get cleaned?
    Solar panels can generally go years without being cleaned in 99% of enviroments. Many homeowners get their panels cleaned more frequently to maintain the moden aesthetic that solar panels provide.
  • Are solar panels safe?
    Solar panels have been proven time and time again to be just as safe as traditional energy sources. The cutting edge micro-inverter technology we use puts an extra layer of safety onto an already safe system.
  • Is solar really free?
    Solar is not really free. This is a misconception that originates from the savings that solar provides. Most of the time, homeowners pay 0$ down on their solar loans and see a lower monthly payment than what their utility asks for. We like to call it a no-risk investment with guaranteed returns.
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