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Who is Eversource and What Do They Do?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Eversource, formerly known as Northeast Utilities, is a publicly-traded energy company that serves over 3.6 million customers across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. They primarily provide electricity, natural gas, and water services to residential and business customers. In addition to distribution, they also produce electricity at power plants using a variety of fuel sources including natural gas, nuclear power, hydropower, and renewable energy such as solar and wind. Eversource is committed to maintaining and improving its energy infrastructure in order to meet the needs of its customers while also reducing its environmental impact. In 2019, for instance, they launched a multi-year effort to replace thousands of miles of aging gas mains in order to enhance public safety and reliability. As the largest energy provider in New England, Eversource plays a vital role in keeping the region's homes and businesses running smoothly.

Eversource Offers Programs That Help You Go Solar

Did you know that going solar can not only help the environment but also save you money on your energy bills? As a residential customer of Eversource, you have access to various programs that make it easy and affordable to make the switch. Here are a few of those programs:

The Solarize Connecticut Program allows communities to band together and receive discounted rates for solar installation.

The Residential Solar Incentive Program offers financial incentives for residential customers who install solar panels in their homes.

For renters or those unable to install panels, the Virtual Net Metering Program allows customers to join with others in their community to collectively share the benefits of a solar energy system.

As more customers install solar panels, incentives will begin to diminish - so don't wait any longer! Explore Eversource's programs and go green with solar power today.

Get paid by Eversource for Your Solar Production and Storage

When it comes to finding solutions for energy efficiency, there are a variety of options available. Here are a couple of them:

The SMART Program rewards customers for using less energy during peak times by offering bill credits.

A Connected Solution Battery stores excess electricity produced by renewable sources and allows you to use it during high-demand periods or power outages. Incentives are available for installing these batteries, making them a cost-effective investment in the long run.

By utilizing these solutions and others like them, people can not only save money but also reduce their impact on the environment. There are numerous options for increasing energy efficiency and promoting sustainability. It's just a matter of choosing the right solution for individual needs and circumstances.

Stand-Alone vs. Behind the Meter Systems

When it comes to solar energy, there are two main types of systems: stand-alone and behind the meter.

A stand-alone system is not connected to the electricity grid and requires battery storage to use energy at night or on cloudy days.

On the other hand, a behind-the-meter system is connected to the grid and can send excess energy back for credit or compensation.

In some cases, a combination of both types of systems may be used in a single location.

Solar Lowers Your Electric Delivery Rates

Are you tired of constantly dealing with rising energy prices? Switching to solar power can offer a solution to this problem. Not only can it save money on your monthly electricity bill, but it can also potentially lower your electric delivery rates in the long term. That's because as more people switch to solar energy, there is less strain on the traditional power grid. This ultimately leads to lower delivery charges for everyone on the grid. with the advancement of technology and continued decrease in installation costs, now is the perfect time to make the switch to solar power. Take control of your energy expenses and make the switch to solar today. You won't regret it!

Although the process of switching to solar can seem daunting, Eversource offers a number of programs and incentives to make it as easy as possible for you to go solar. Not only will you be lowering your electric delivery rates by generating your own power, but you’ll also be getting paid by Eversource for the energy you produce. If you’re interested in learning more about the solar programs Eversource has to offer, visit and we will get in touch!

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